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  • Alibaba Cloud


  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)


In view of the increasing demand for quarantined hotel rooms, there were an increasing amount of non- ethics agencies that create fake users on hotel websites and deny normal users room reservations. Those agencies can then resell those reserved rooms and earn benefits on the market. Therefore, the hotel has received numerous user complaints about hotel management, so they have to seek help from MTS for remediable solutions.

How MTS can help

MTS has begun the investigation and found out that the root cause is the over-session of their web booking system. Once it occurred, normal users will be unable to access and make room reservations. After defining it as one of the DDoS attacks on the web, MTS has set up an Alibaba Cloud Web Application Firewall and enabled their anti-DDoS services. Once the WAF detects some abnormal connections from the bot team, it will disconnect those connections, and allow regular users to connect back to the website to book a room. Since the hackers discovered all their bots were malfunctioning, they finally stopped those attacks after a week. Overall, MTS has turned on this WAF services for two weeks and bill customers on actual. The client is satisfied with this solution because they can use this service on-demand at a short notice, and maintain a fair operating cost.

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