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Flash Storage

Accelerate memory read, write and access times to improving speed and performance




  • Fortinet
  • Pure Storage


  • Flash SAN
  • SDWan


The daily business of a retail business generates a large amount of data from store transactions and inventory records behind each retail branch. Although there is already an existing system for daily report generation, its tremendous local storage has been overloaded due to the large amount of data uploaded at a preset time every day. Eventually, the traditional SAN and Server were unable to generate reports within their target timeframe of 4 hours.

How MTS can help

To relieve the SAN and network loading of the system, MTS has adopted an all-rounded SD-WAN technology to optimize its network environment. Moreover, MTS has also replaced its traditional SAN by deploying an enterprise-grade, all-flash solution to speed up its disk IO. It has reduced half of the time needed for the system to generate the daily report, which successfully enhances business efficiency.

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