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Productivity and Security Monitoring

24/7 self-service unlock locked-out user accounts and tracking email transmission


Insurance Company


  • Multisoft


  • AD Self-Unlock (Multisoft)
  • MessageCap (Multisoft)


Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, Work-From-Home operation model has been more and more popular in commercials to achieve safety and productivity. However, remaining company policies and regulations while users WFH is also a major concern for companies. Based on the company’s password policy, users are required to change their password within 60 days to keep it updated. However, it’s been a challenge for WFH users since their devices may not be connected to the company domain, so they were not able to change the password after it has expired. Even if their internal IT department has assisted to change them from the backend, the password is still unable to update since some of their office PC or mobile phone was still using the old password to connect to the domain. On the other hand, work performance management during the WFH situation has also been difficult for the company. Therefore they would like the IT department to provide a daily report of in & out email records to keep track of the productivity.

How MTS can help

AD self-Unlock is a solution that enables users to receive SMS messages through their mobile phones to unlock their accounts, change passwords, and monitor the devices that are still connected to the old password. Through these self-services, users can manage and unlock their own accounts, reducing over 20% of the workload for the internal IT department. Another useful tool called MessageCap is a solution that can record all in & out emails from all users and generate a summary report to show daily send-in and send-out records. Originally it is designed for email journal purposes, especially for companies that need to fulfilling compliance requirements. However, the business owner can also make use of this system to keep track of workers’ working progress. *Optional point* Moreover, the Linux-based system also provided an add-on value of ransomware protection over the email database and prevents email loss in a long term.

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