【Microsoft Copilot Webinar】
February 16, 2024

【Microsoft Copilot Webinar】

與AI合作無間 加快業務流程 減少重複性工作

【Microsoft Copilot Webinar】

與AI合作無間 加快業務流程 減少重複性工作

Multisoft 將深入介紹Microsoft 365 Copilot應用強大AI工具,可幫助您更有效地管理和組織您的業務,以提高工作效率和團隊合作,減少重複性工作。探討Dynamics 365如何縮短銷售週期和線上商店的行銷文案建議,幫助您運用 Dynamics 365在競爭激烈的市場中突出您的產品。


日期:13/3/2024 (星期三)

時間:1500 - 1600



Mani Choy, Project Director of InnoCorp Solutions

Peter Lee, (Business Development Executive - Multisoft Limited)

立即報名: https://shorturl.at/aGOUZ

We will delve into the powerful AI tool, Microsoft 365 Copilot, which can assist you in effectively managingand organizing your business, improving work efficiency, team collaboration,and reducing repetitive tasks. We will explore how Dynamics 365 can shorten sales cycles and providemarketing text suggestions for online shops, helping you leverage Dynamics 365to highlight your products in a highly competitive market. Whether you areseeking new tools and strategies or looking to enhance business performance,you will greatly benefit from this.

Date: 13 MAR 2024 (WED)

Time: 1500-1600

Location: Online Webinar (Teams)


Mani Choy, Project Director of InnoCorpSolutions

Peter Lee, BusinessDevelopment Executive of Multisoft Limited


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