【Microsoft Smart Cloud Day】
May 23, 2024

【Microsoft Smart Cloud Day】

【Microsoft Smart Cloud Day】AI 時代 人人必學 Copilot For Microsoft 365 打造功能強大的智能助手

感謝Microsoft邀請Multisoft Limited參加【Microsoft Smart Cloud Day】活動,讓我們深入探討如何將AI技術融入業務,打造功能強大的智能助手。

特別是Copilot for Microsoft 365在各主要應用程式中加入AI功能,專為希望提高其生產力、表達力、協作力、分析力和創造力的M365用家而設。

員工可以在 Word、Excel、PowerPoint、Outlook 和 Teams 等 Microsoft 365 應用中使用 Copilot。

Copilot for Microsoft 365使用企業級的安全性、隱私權與合規性保護,工作更順暢,同時保護數據,減少工作流程產生的不便。


Thank you Microsoft for inviting Multisoft Limited to participate in the【Microsoft Smart Cloud Day】event, allowing us to delve deep into integrating AI technology into our business and create powerful intelligent assistants.

Particularly, Copilot for Microsoft 365 integrates AI functionality into various key applications, designed specifically for M365 users who seek to enhance their productivity, expressiveness, collaboration, analysis, and creativity.

Employees can utilize Copilot in Microsoft 365 applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 ensures enterprise-grade security, privacy, and compliance protection, making work smoother while safeguarding data, reducing inconveniences in workflow processes.

Once again, thank you for the invitation and arrangement. We look forward to exploring more innovative solutions with Microsoft to deliver even better services to our customers.


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